Escaping the Heat Wave: Your Ultimate Vacation Guide During School or College Break
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Escaping the Heat Wave: Your Ultimate Vacation Guide During School or College Break

The government has announced a seven-day holiday for all schools and colleges in the country due to the heatwave across the country.

Mahbubur Rahman Tuhin, senior information officer of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, said on Saturday, "From Sunday to April 27, all government primary schools, child welfare trust schools and non-formal education bureau learning centers will be closed."

He said that this decision has been taken considering the health and safety of the students.

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education said the same decision has been taken for secondary level schools and colleges in addition to primary.

Director of secondary wing of the department Prof. Zafar Ali said, "Due to heat, we will keep schools and colleges closed till April 27. Classes will start from April 28."

This year, since the beginning of Baisakh, mild to intense heat wave has been going on. In the meantime, classes are going on in private schools. Government schools were supposed to open on Sunday after the Eid holiday. The news of the holiday came the day before.

Shortly before Maushi's decision came, Education Minister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Naufel informed that the decision of vacation is being taken in consultation with the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education.

And Rumana Ali, the State Minister of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, said there could be three to seven days of leave.

Public health experts also advised to close educational institutions. The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has also ordered closure of assemblies in government primary schools on Saturday. Earlier, an organization called the Parents Oikya Forum demanded to close the school for seven days due to the heat.

The government also closed primary and secondary schools for a few days in June last year as the heat became unbearable.

Public health expert ABM Abdullah said that the current situation may pose a health risk to students, so educational institutions should be closed.

"In many schools, the ventilation system is not good, even the fan does not work. And on the way to and from school, it will be very hot. As a result, it will be very difficult for children to go to school.

"The health of our children should be the first priority. If they go to school at this time, they may be at risk of health. If the school summer vacation is offered during this summer, it will be very good for the children."

School & College
School & College

Escaping the Heat Wave

As temperatures soar and the sun blazes down, the allure of a summer vacation becomes irresistible. Whether you're a student enjoying a break from school or a college-goer embracing the freedom of holidays, a heat wave vacation is the perfect way to unwind and make the most of the sunny days. Let's dive into some fantastic ideas and tips for planning your ultimate heat wave getaway!

1. Embrace the Cool Waters: One of the best ways to beat the heat is by immersing yourself in cool waters. Plan a trip to a beach destination, a lakeside retreat, or a water park where you can splash around and enjoy water-based activities. The refreshing sensation of the water against your skin is sure to provide instant relief from the scorching heat.

2. Explore Nature's Shade: Escape the concrete jungle and seek refuge in nature's embrace. Head to a forested area, a national park, or a mountain resort where you can revel in the natural beauty while staying cool under the shade of lush trees. Hiking trails, scenic viewpoints, and wildlife encounters await you in these serene destinations.

3. Chill in Cultural Delights: Beat the heat while indulging in cultural experiences. Explore museums, art galleries, and historical sites that offer air-conditioned comfort alongside enriching insights into art, history, and heritage. Attend local festivals or cultural events to immerse yourself in the vibrant traditions of the region.

4. Staycation Serenity: Not all vacations require extensive travel. Consider a relaxing staycation where you pamper yourself with spa treatments, leisurely pool days, and delicious meals at a nearby hotel or resort. Create a tranquil oasis at home by setting up a backyard picnic, hosting a movie night, or enjoying a barbecue with family and friends.

5. Adventure Awaits: For the thrill-seekers, a heat wave vacation can be an opportunity for adrenaline-pumping adventures. Try activities like zip-lining, rock climbing, or water sports for an exciting break from the summer heat. Just remember to stay hydrated and follow safety guidelines while enjoying these thrilling experiences.

6. Culinary Escapades: Explore the culinary delights of your vacation destination. Sample local cuisine, visit farmers' markets for fresh produce, and try your hand at cooking regional dishes. Food tours, cooking classes, and dining at picturesque outdoor eateries can add a flavorful twist to your heat wave getaway.

7. Eco-Friendly Escapes: Make your vacation eco-conscious by choosing sustainable travel options. Opt for accommodations with green initiatives, minimize plastic usage, support local businesses, and respect the natural surroundings during your explorations. Leave behind only footprints and take back memories of a responsible and fulfilling vacation.

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Heat Wave Vacation: - Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water and electrolyte-rich fluids. - Protect yourself from the sun: Use sunscreen, wear hats, and seek shade during peak hours. - Plan outdoor activities in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid extreme heat. - Pack light and breathable clothing suitable for hot weather. - Be mindful of local guidelines and safety measures related to COVID-19 or other health concerns.

Remember, a heat wave vacation is not just about escaping the heat but also about creating memorable experiences, rejuvenating your spirit, and embracing the joys of summer. So, pack your bags, plan your itinerary, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure under the sun!

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